Joggernauts: Jog. Jump. Switch.


Space Mace
Based in Minneapolis, MN

Graffiti Games

Release Date:
October 11, 2018

Nintendo Switch
Steam (PC, Mac)


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Joggernauts Game


Jog! Jump! Switch! Coordinate the crazy conga line of teleporting alien athletes in this autorunner / puzzle platformer for 1-4 players.

Joggernauts is a cooperative switching game where you try NOT to kill your friends! Coordinate a team of auto-running characters through deceptively difficult color-coded platforming puzzles. Help the Joggernauts find all of C.O.A.C.H.'s missing trophies. Challenge yourself to play two characters at once, or gather your friends and family for some frantic fun. People who love Bit.Trip Runner, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Space Team, or even Bop It should be right at home in this game. Yell colors at your friends and family!


After two best friends played a particularly rowdy all-day session of Bit.Trip Runner, Joggernauts was born as a brutally difficult multiplayer auto-runner prototype with a switch-who-is-in-front mechanic. That original demo was tested by Zach Johnson in the Minneapolis, MN game development community. That's where Zach met artist Tommy Sunders and musician Robert Frost (no relation). The team of three formed the company Space Mace, started touring festivals, and ultimately landed a publishing deal.

Our process has been about frequent public playtesting with an iterative approach to game design and level design made possible by the support of our awesome local community in Minneapolis.


  • Unique switch-to-front teleportation mechanic
  • Color-coded cooperative puzzles
  • Single player mode! Simultaneously coordinate two auto-running characters.
  • Cooperative local multiplayer for 2-4 friends
  • Finally, a multiplayer game where you try NOT to kill your friends
  • Shouting colors at your friends and family
  • Approachable 2-button controls
  • Autorunner-style action platforming
  • Deceptively difficult level designs (not procedural or endless)
  • 100% collection and completion challenges
  • Hidden unlockable characters
  • Expansive original soundtrack
  • Secret second quest (but I didn't tell you that)


Joggernauts BFF Update Trailer YouTube

Joggernauts Available Now Trailer YouTube

Nintendo Switch Announcement YouTube

Teaser 2 and Graffiti Games Publisher Announcement YouTube

Switch! SWITCH! Swiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!! YouTube

Screenshots & Images

download all screenshots, photos, and logos as .zip (24MB)
Rolling hills
Night web
Giant monster mouth
Lava lasers
C.O.A.C.H. Intro
Overworld map
Night plains
Night mushrooms
Overworld map
Cave skull

vector versions / other sizes available in .zip (24MB)
Joggernauts Logo Key Art 1080p 16:9
Joggernauts Logo Key Art Banner
Joggernauts Logo Key Art Tall
Joggernauts Logo Key Art Square
Joggernauts wordmark stacked
Joggernauts wordmark
Joggernauts logo dark background
Joggernauts logo
Space Mace logo dark background
Space Mace logo SVG

Awards & Recognition

And many more:

  • "MinneCade Official Selection" GlitchCon, October 2018
  • "Indie Island Official Selection" 2D Con, August 2018
  • "Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade 3 Selection" MinneBar, April 2018
  • "Indie Island Official Selection" 2D Con, August 2017
  • "MinneCade Official Selection" GlitchCon, May 2017
  • "Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade 2 Selection" MinneBar, March 2017
  • "Indie Island Official Selection" 2D Con, June 2016
  • "MinneCade Audience Choice Honorable Mention" GlitchCon, April 2016
  • "MinneCade Official Selection" GlitchCon, April 2016
  • "Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade Selection" MinneBar, April 2016
  • "Playful Sounds Official Selection" Minnesota Orchestra, March 2016
  • "IndieXChange Gametasting Selection" IndieCade, October 2015
  • "Indie Island Official Selection" 2D Con, May 2015

Selected Articles and Streams

  • "... it's kinda like if Overcooked and Bit.Trip Runner kinda ran into each other ..."
    – Nintendo will make you POOR in October!!!, Nintendo Dads, YouTube
  • "... one of the most chaotic experiences to ever grace platforming."
    – Take on the Color Switching Chaotic Challenge of Joggernauts, Hardcore Gamer
  • "Play this game=Lose a friend" (4.5MM views!)
    – SQUEEZIE, October 2017, YouTube
  • "... it builds a bond like nothing else can."
    – PAX West Fifty-Game Frenzy, Nintendo Wire
  • "... hilarious and, most importantly, pure fun ..."
    – Top 10 Games at PAX West 2017, TechRaptor
  • "... we all started to scream out colors ..."
    – The Best Indie Games of E3 2017, Game Informer
  • "Joggernauts is a group co-op riot, but be warned ..."
    – E3 2017's brightest indie games, Ars Technica
  • "Don't let the cute, aesthetically pleasing graphics fool you; [Space Mace] has created a game that's as fun as it is difficult."
    – 9 Indie Games We Loved at Bit Bash, Threadless
  • "we actually have to pay attention"
    – TwitchPresents E3 2018, Twitch
  • "... an early look at this festival favorite."
    – Juegos Rancheros Presents: Joggernauts & More!, Juegos Rancheros
  • "... a conga line gone crazy ..."
    – Joggernauts - First Impressions, Kimchica Plays

Bit Bash Chicago 2017 - Custom Joggernauts Arcade Controller
Bit Bash Chicago 2017 - Custom Joggernauts Arcade Controller
GlitchCon Brewery Tour 2017
Game Developers Conference GDC 2017 - NYU Booth Playtesting
IndieXChange Game Tasting, IndieCade 2015
IndieXChange Game Tasting, IndieCade 2015
IndieXChange Game Tasting, IndieCade 2015
GlitchMN, 2016

About Space Mace

Space Mace is a Minneapolis-based independent game studio that believes games should be played with friends on the couch, not alone on the toilet.

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Joggernauts Credits

For Space Mace

Zachary Johnson
Design / Code / Donut Eating

Tommy Sunders
Design / Art / Mohawk Owning

Robert Frost III
Music / Sound Design / Community Duder

With Assistance From

Martin Grider
Krista McCullough
Jason Pfitzer

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