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Jog! Jump! Switch!

Joggernauts - First Access - Jog! Jump! Switch!

A cooperative switching game about
trying not to kill your friends

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First Access

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Coming soon-ish to Steam & Consoles

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Select Awards and Recognition

  • Official Selection - Bit Bash Chicago - 2017
  • Guest Pick - Best of The Mix PAX West 2017
  • Official Selection - Open Screens - A Maze. / Berlin 2017
  • Official Selection - The Mix E3 2017
  • Winner Best Indie Game - 2D Con 2016
  • Official Selection - Pixelpop Festival 2016
  • Spotlight Selection - IndieXChange Game Tasting - Indiecade 2015
  • Winner Best Music - 2D Con 2016

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Space Mace is a Minneapolis-based game development studio who believes games should be played with friends on the couch instead of alone on the toilet.